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We are open 7 days a week and can accommodate early or later lessons by arrangement. Give us an e-mail or call 07720876713 to get booked in.
Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)
The prices for the CBT course are in the table below. 
Restricted/Progressive and Direct Access Scheme
For the Restricted/Progressive or Direct Access Scheme you can pay as you go; in other words pay each time you come in for a lesson. Alternatively, you can pay for one of our packages or bulk sessions which give a discount. See the second table for the details of the packages, bulk sessions and prices.



Table showing the cost of course/lessons.




 Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)


Up to a day and a half of training




if going onto a more powerful bike  £60

 Direct Access Scheme (DAS)


Module 1 training  (per hour lesson)

Module 2 training (per 120min lesson)

Module 1 test (includes pre-ride & bike hire)

Module 2 test (includes pre-ride & bike hire)

Does not include test fee





 Theory test 

 We can now book a theory test for our pupils  £35



 Table showing the prices and discount for Restricted/Progressive and Direct Access Schemes.




CBT  + Conversion + 2 Lessons       £300

saving £30

CBT  + Conversion + 4 Lessons       £400

saving £50

Module 2 Lessons x  3               £160   

saving £20

Module 2 Lessons x 5                £270  

saving £30


 If you wish to book your own test just let us know.

If you prefer us to book your test for you 

 we will happily do so for you

at the fees below. 


Typical example for route to test

CBT  + Conversion

  5 Module 2 Lessons 

Up To 3 Module 1 Lessons 

Module 1 Pre-ride + Module 2 Pre-ride



The fees you will pay



  Theory Test-  £35    


Module 1 test fee -    £15.50 

 Module 2 test fee -    £75.00


 Remember All Our Module 2 Lessons 

Are 90 minutes riding time 


Just think you could be ripping up those L-plates and hitting the open road!